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Hanau, 11.03.2008

A few days ago i was asked to create a model of a car for a car-tuning company.
i got an old card with a kind of "monster car" on it and should model a new one.

i just created a very simple model, only a half of a car, no more needed.

its created from a simple plane i extruded and subsurfed, then used a mirror modifier.
i added some details, lamps and tires.
with fire texture on a plane behind the camera:

the sign should be 6m x 1m in size, and i was told to render it in 150dpi.
this resultion is quite toooo much for a sign with 6m x 1m in size which is 5m from bottom.
i used an output of 10k x 2000k pixels for that.
rendering took about 12hours, i don't remember exactly how long it takes, maybe 12h or 24h.

i used one white plane and one with a sky texture too. put at the bottom and top just behind the camera.

output was great, and the sign was printed on transparent plastic and was lighten from behind.
it took 7 days between modeling, rendering and when it was printed and put on the wall.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

on the left side of the garage-door, another sign, showing a car  3m x 3m in size and about 2m or 3m from bottom shoud be  attached on the wall.
i decided to render an image of 10k x 10k, which is quote a lot.
i uses a 3,2ghz pentium 4 ht, overclocked by 10% so it has 3,5ghz.
i bought 4gb of ram too, old ddr ram i needed, so it was quite expensive. the double of ddr 2 ram....
when plugged the ram into my computer, the board says it can only detect 3,5gb and linux booting failes, so i run my pc now with my set of old 2x512, and new 2x1gb rams.

then i started rendering, it was last thuirsday about 17h when i clicked the render button.
then it took about 4 days, today is tuesday.....

top - 11:47:34 up 3 days, 22:52,  7 users,  load average: 2.50, 2.32, 2.28
Tasks: 146 total,   1 running, 143 sleeping,   0 stopped,   2 zombie
Cpu(s): 98.5% us,  1.2% sy,  0.0% ni,  0.0% id,  0.0% wa,  0.0% hi,  0.2% si
Mem:   3114748k total,  2920696k used,   194052k free,    41272k buffers
Swap:  2096472k total,   581268k used,  1515204k free,  1917864k cached

10419 blendi   15   0 2042m 1.3g 1.2g S 99.9 42.2 176,51 /home/BLENDER/blender245/blender
at early afternoon blender reaches about 99% of the final image, wow! and only took 2gb of my 3gb installed ram.

i was leaving my 'office' for a while to pick up my daugther from the kindergarden.

somewaht later i remebred... "blender should be finished now, oops, lets have a look"

i powered on my monitor, and saw blender, but not see what i have expected to see....
only grey... ?!?!?!?
wtf? wtf?
ok, breath, breeeeaaaath
i pressed f3 to see if theres something to save.
"no image to save" or so it says...
hey, WTF?
wher has all my renderoutput gone i spend about 200W x 4 days = ~19KW/h !!! of pure power?
ok, while rendering i didnt need a heater, my feets where always warm....

ok, so i decided to get around with that error, and console tells me i didnt have enough ram....

so, finally i found its a bug in 32 bit systems with blender, it allocates ram at beginning of rendering, but can't, so when it gets finished, it will throw an error, hahahaha, thats 'fucking bullshit'

so its a bug and i have to render again.

for this i hijacked some customers servers running at 64bit debian etch and have a dual core proc.

i also uses only 6k x 6k as output size and saved 5 different files with render-borders, and did some optimazation, no more planes with texture, but using anglemap as world background and m ap it to ray mirror at the 'metal'-parts of the car.
i now use 3 pcs to render 5 parts, which is great, the dual core really rocks!

finally i copy pasted all parts in photoshop and merged int one big image, blow up size to 3mx3m at 150dpi and saved as raw tga.
...i thought so, but the customer tolds me he can not open such a big image because of less memory...., so i send him the original combined tga with 6k x 6k pixels.

and opppps, i forgot to smooth some objects, they look odd now.

anyway, its always better to render something crappy than nothing.

oh it could have been so easy....

after all work was done, i made my own quick version of this car:

note: i joined the lamps and the car, and woot, the lamps get shaded...., before, when lamps and car were 2 objects, it seems there is some error in shading... i missed some reflections before. cant see it on the following image, the girl is in front of it.

ps: i'll post some photos showing the signs in real life the next days :)