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Photos from Cebit 2009

Linny's report english version german version

/cebit/blender.png @ /cebit/cebit_open_source_special_wide-128x55.gif

Blender @ Linux New Media

Halle 6, Booth F50

 Want a free ticket? Please send a mail to blender-cebit [at] vizzy [dot] de

The official Linux Mag site announcing Blender: (now with screenshots) (2)  (3)

Helpers at the booth:
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  02.03.09 03.03.09 04.03.09 05.03.09 06.03.09 07.03.09 08.03.09
  Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag Sonntag
Philip Plescher              
Bernd Hoppe              
Marco Gaib              
Omar Abo-Namous              
Georg Adelmann              
Kolja, alias Braun              
Helpers, Total 2 2 4 4 4 3 3

Standleitung Blender: Phillip Plescher

Blendpolis Forum

Blendernation News

Blenderartists Forum (2)

Blender Demoloop (original for 2.41, particles are buggy in this file if used in 2.48a, phillip has a fixed version)

Grundriss, Stand




Blender Logo


Demosvideos we use at the Blender Booth are taken from: Animation Contests
Special thankks goes to .... to be continued :)

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