V.E.R.B.L.E.N.D.E.T.: Versatile Electronic Replicant Built for Logical Exploration, Nocturnal Destruction and Efficient Troubleshooting
Hi, i merged some (imho useful and nice) patches to awesome Blender (i call it the verBlender now), and created some builds for Linux (maybe someday i could privide a windows built too, if YOU can do so, please contact me ).
I did those patchwork 'just for fun' i would say, but i think it also will offer some nice features to be reviewed by other users. So i offer my builds here. Also some of these Patches were a bit old and needed some changes to merge into current cvs.

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special Thx goes to Unnamed, Jesterking, sirdude, timmeh, antihc3 and all these awesome coders i cant remember, they helped a lot getting out of trouble when i run into noobish problems. Credits for Patches goes to the Authors! :D
some more blablabla.... please leave a feedback at the Gaestebuch / Guestbook, you can call mit verblendet at irc too or use Kontakt / Contact or in Forum

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