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a simple shell script to check out cvs and build blender


  • copy paste the script to a file called '' (or rename) in your homedirectory.
    do a 'chmod +x ./
  • now please edit the script (with nano or another texteditor of your choice)
    edit these first lines:
    and change BLENDERHOME to a path you want to install and compile the source of blender, e.g. /home/myself/blender-cvs
  • now, go to your blender directory, and edit blender/
    in the first lines, set the python version of your blender!!!
  • start the script. it will download cvs sources and libraries now. for password press enter.
    now it takes some time to download and the first build.
  • after compilation was successful, search for an install directory in your BLENDERHOME :)



....when open a blenderfile with the cvs-version of blender, first make a copy of your file!!!!
if using 'make':

Edit source/ to fit your environment, be sure to edit the
block matching your OS. You will want to change variables like
NAN_JPEG, NAN_PNG etc. to point to where you have those installed.

If you want to integrate the game-engine in Blender, you might want
to uncomment the following line in


The define is disabled by default because there are still some
problems with this at the moment.

After adjusting things for your environment run 'make' (or use the nice hmake
script at blender/source/tools/hmake/hmake)


build blender and yafray from cvs
build yafray from cvs
build blender from cvs

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