V.E.R.B.L.E.N.D.E.T.: Versatile Electronic Replicant Built for Logical Exploration, Nocturnal Destruction and Efficient Troubleshooting

The ladybug simulator is just a small step into he world of games and trying out the blender gameengine.
from a few tests and playing with that awesome tool, it became small game.

Still WIP, updated recently


    1) Please Download the required binary. I splitted a Linux- and Windows Executable in two Files to limit the downloadsize.
    (You need to download only once and keep it on your disk, just replace the File index.gam from a newer archive)
    2) Download & read Instructions
    3) unpack and run the executable, have fun!

    Fly : Space or Num-5
    Left/Right/Forward: use Arrowkeys or NumPad to navigate.
    Torque: PageUP/PageDown , Insert/Home
    Fire: right-Ctrl or Num-0 or right-Shift

    shoot the yellow balls
    land on white flower to earn more bullets
    beware of the volcano , dont land on the water
    touch violet flowers to get lifepoints.
    play until you get enough :)

please leave your feedback here:

Download Runtime:
    for Windows

    for Linux

Download Data-File:
    v24b - 19.08.2006

    older Versions:
    v22b - 04.08.2006

have fun and look out for a newer version :)
    verblendet / vizzy

  • more bonus
  • better sounds! (only dummysounds yet)
  • nicer textures
  • intro screen
  • time limit
  • exit next level
  • some enemies (spiders? etc)
  • a next level :)

p00f (for the nice pseudo-ai tutorial at /
(i will add some pseudo ai soon)
STELLA: for help with python and gameengine (now the bug wont fall over again)

edy, manuel, charolastra, soundscout etc for playing, testing and feedbacks