V.E.R.B.L.E.N.D.E.T.: Versatile Electronic Replicant Built for Logical Exploration, Nocturnal Destruction and Efficient Troubleshooting

Kind of Glas-Pre-Sorting Machine. Optimized Output of dual-Layer Glas Sheets

Full animation of Glas Sorting Machine
V2.0 preview, with Sound: Files/PUB/verblendet/anims/machine_v2.0_w_snd_divx-pal.avi
23MB , Full Pal Res, with sound, 25fps/ , Length: about 3m40s

Frame 0093:

Frame 2585:

Frame 0325:

Frame 0553:

Frame 1173:

Frame 1593:

Frame 2084:

Frame 2191:

Frame 2531:

Frame 3531:

Frame 4464:

Frame 4644:

Frame 4764:

Frame 5044:


and then.... after a few nights i finished project... it became that....: